TIL Less than one-half of one percent of Americans serve in the U.S. military

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why not just say less than half a percent


Yet half of America acts like and dresses as if they’re in special ops.


Without Conscription, which countries have the highest military service percentage?


That’s true today. It definitely was not always so. There is a plotline in a Green Arrow comic from the 80s where he’s investigating a string of murders of guys in their 60s who appear totally unconnected. He quickly figures out that the link between them is that they all did super-secret intelligence work during World War II. What tips him off? He has five American men who all were in their 20s and healthy during World War II; none have draft records. That’s suspicious as hell.


From reading the comments, people automatically jump to thinking of combat roles when they think of the military. Yes a lot of roles involve combat, but there are many where you literally sit in an office and almost never see combat. Most in the intel field for example, sit in an office. There are also attorneys, paralegals, doctors, nurses, HR, finance, contracting, engineers, technicians, intelligence analysts, and many more. I think many people are somewhat misinformed when it comes to the military and immediately call people dumb for joining as they immediately think of infantry roles. However for people to go into one of the roles I mentioned for example, there really isn’t much to lose and the benefits are amazing.