Walgreens closing 5 SF stores due to ‘organized retail crime’

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I kind of wonder if those stores will just put up a window. Ask for your order and someone will fetch it for you. I seem to remember thats how old grocery stores were before the advent of the shopping cart


To be very clear, these are not single moms stealing bread to feed their families. These are VERY organized groups that rob stores in bulk, and then sell the no-cost goods at slightly discounted prices online (including on Amazon).


I moved from SF about 7 years ago, after 17 years there. FINALLY I am *shocked* that it took so long. Even 10 years ago, you’d see people go into the Walgreens at either 16th or 24th and Mission Bart, or the Van Ness / Market / Mission one (whatever the address, you know the one), and see people just fucking empty shelves into their bags and dip. No fucking consequences. It’s MUCH worse now, apparently.


I was just there for work, went to a Walgreens at around 11pm to grab some snacks. 3 children walked in (probably 10-12 years old), cussed out the security guard, walked through the aisles grabbing food and drinks and then walked out. Totally nuts.


“We can’t continue to let these anchor institutions close that so many people rely on.” And you can’t let these organized theft rings run rampant, either. As far as I can tell, there has been no legitimate response to any of this to date. I don’t blame them for closing these stores.