What do tweets like this mean? People follow this guys’ opinions on options. How do you follow this?

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Don’t follow these people. I’ll leave this up for educational purposes & lingo. Just please don’t.


He is buying a call option with a strike of $66 expiring on Oct 22 2021. He will pay $56 and has a stop loss set at $45


Means to buy a 10/22/21 TWTR call option, which now sells for ~ $.56 He thinks will go up, if it does you make proffit (lets say you buy it for $.56 ($56 for 1 contract) it goes to $1.56 you sell you make $100 next line means if it end up starting to go down and gets to $.45 you sell if for a loss – trade didnt work out like he was planning it to. you lose $10 “Day Swing” means this whole thing you do today, you buy the call and you sell it today.


Don’t follow that guy (Prophitcy). He’s a pump and dumper!! I was on his discord channel and he kicked out other guys because they actually wanted to teach people how to become better traders. They wouldn’t give out alerts like he does which messes up with his money. He has a ton of followers (newbies) and he uses that to his advantage. He loads up on a stock before he alerts it so when you and all his minions start bringing that stock up he is getting out making thousands of dollars. He also joined Atlas Trading discord group so his following is going to increase since that’s one of the biggest discords in trading (that’s where the famous Ripster is). Trust me, he only cares about making money from you he could care less about his minions.


Step 1) start options alert account on Twitter Step 2) get a few thousand followers Step 3 (the juicy step) open options position, send out options alert, watch a few hundred people buy the same option you bought a few minutes ago, dump your now much more valuable option These accounts are pump and dumps, they’re not doing you any service, be careful out there.