76 Days | Official Trailer | A terse, restrained record of the initial coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan from the Chinese American filmmaker Hao Wu (2021) [00:01:52]

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If the CCP allowed this to be filmed there during a time when the lockdown was strict and people who leaked information were being vanished…. then this is a propaganda piece.


The comments here are so fucking cringe. To any Westerner living in China, none of the scenes in here look abnormal. Spraying people down, medical staff with smiley faces and words of encouragement on their suits, Chinese people acting very familial to one another, and (gasp) a clean hospital exists in one of China’s biggest cities?


I just watched it on Vice Asia YT channel. It’s heartbreaking.


All the talk about propaganda in this thread by people who don’t even seem to have watched the trailer is pretty hilarious. Talk about indoctrinated


I’ll take things my nurse wife would rather not relive for 200 Alex