A programmer’s job consist of writing for 10 hours so people use their algorithm for like 4 seconds.

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a programmers real job is idiot proofing for 10 hours only for some idiot to come along and break shit in like 4 seconds because nobody thought the idiot would be that idiotic


I once spend 4 weeks, investigating and reprogramming an db query to shave off 0.01 sec / transaction. It sped up the proces by 8 days ! / monthly …..


Really? Have you ever used anything programmable less than a year?


My computer class was the first at my high school. Punch cards and paper tapes. Max 6 letter lower case username. I appreciate programmers so much because it still feels miraculous to me to be able to do so much so easily. Thank you for your work.


As a programmer, this hurts my soul, but you’re totally right, so have an upvote.