All 206 House Republicans voted against raising the US debt ceiling

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This is obscene. The debt limit was racked up by 8 trillion by Trump in 4 years. It was raised during 3 times during his term and democrats never tried to block it. Democrats voted to raise it with the republicans. Democrats didn’t pull this sort of move. Never gave republicans a hard time about raising it during trump. Because that would be detrimental to the economy, as if we can’t pay our loans, then we default. A default would cause a recession like what we all saw in 2008. This would be bad for everyone in the country. Regardless of partisanship. This is wrong and for political gain. Republicans want to saddle govt spending on the democrats, they are literally going to use the debt limit to saddle Trump’s debt to democrat spending in the reconciliation. In which they can run on in 2022. Also their orange god king ordered them to not vote for it. Because he wants the country to suffer. He doesn’t care about the country. It’s all about himself. They are playing games with people’s livelihoods for politics. If these people have no interest in governing, they should vacate their seats. Trying to level a 2008 like recession on the entire country is absurd. Esp since this is to pay back the money 8 trillion that Trump racked up. Raising the debt ceiling is to pay for money already spent. Not money spent in the future. These fuckers are unredeemable and they count on the ignorance of their own base. For shame.


They also voted against stimulus checks. They don’t actually stand FOR anything. Proof of that is when they controlled all 3 branches.


>The party-line vote was 219-206 in the House. House Republicans slammed it as a step that would unlock a wave of Democratic spending in the near future. >The debt limit deals with the US’s ability to pay its bills and doesn’t authorize any fresh spending by Congress. Is this Business Insider’s polite way of calling the Republicans a bunch of damn liars?


Who came up with the idea to call it “raising the debt ceiling” instead of “paying the bills”? Probably some right-wing think tank.


Up till now, we have used the term Cult only to explain the Trump Base. But, with this 100% compliant vote, the entire GOP DC Politicians should also have them selves with that label.