Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, documents show

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Of course they manipulated searches to favor their own brands. I wish consumers understood how little objectivity there is when searching online whether with a retailer or a search engine. Product placement is a huge part of retailing both in-store and online. There are entire careers based around getting your attention onto what they want you to buy.


I mean, the website shows that too


You don’t say… They let other sellers with shady products run wild and rip off others with novel ideas? You mean billionaires are greedy? It’s difficult to process all this at once.


I have found even the brand name stuff is suspect these days. I won’t buy anything electronic from Amazon anymore and will ship locally instead. I have gotten too many defective items from Amazon but when I buy locally there are no issues. It’s almost like they are buying factory seconds and selling them as new……


I cannot believe it, I am so surprised /s