American and Southwest Airlines reject the Texas order banning vaccine mandates.

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> “**We believe the federal vaccine mandate supersedes any conflicting state laws**, and this does not change anything for American,” said a spokeswoman for the airline, which is based in Fort Worth. Southwest, which is based in Dallas, said it would “remain compliant” with the federal mandate. This is the way


Guess I’m rooting for American and Southwest Airlines for once in my life.


> A spokeswoman for Mr. Abbott said that the Biden administration had “left employers with the unfair choice of either violating federal regulations or losing their valued employees” Really the choice is between ***obeying*** federal regulations or losing their valued employees to sickness and/or death. Why doesn’t Abbott see this?


Texas is an at-will employment state, yeah? Why even bother trying to control the companies? If you can be fired for no reason, you can be fired for any reason.


“United airlines was busy breaking guitars and couldn’t be reached for comment”