An unvaccinated man met a doctor at a bar. He left agreeing to get his first dose.

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Remember the criteria of “he’s a guy who I could have a beer with” has literally gotten hundreds elected in American history


I convinced one “my body my choice” person by comparing it to drunk driving. He was a cop, so it was an easy win, imo. Another guy, I tried to tell him “you can’t meet your grandson or come to his birthday party until you or he is vaccinated”. He hasn’t yet got the shot. First Birthday party is next month. 🤷


Its about trust. The reason that misinformation spreads so fast via memes is that it uses peoples automatic trust of their social group to evade critical thinking. Its a lot of feedback loops and entrenchment. A lot of anti vax will never ever ever be conviced, because its part of their personality at this point. But theres quite a few who just kind of go along with it. Everyone they know has been negative about the vaccine. The only positive words have come from people they dont trust. So ive found just chatting and answering questions works pretty well with those people. Ive had a few very productive conversations I really think helped convince hesitant people. It was mostly just chatting about RNA and how cool the immune system is, and agreeing with them that it all does seem insane and confusing right now. Its not one size fits all though. That only works for people hesitant in good faith. Millions arent. Trying to convince them is a pointless waste of time. Its also very slow and resource intensive. A meme can spread lies much faster than I can talk about RNA. And im a science nerd who loves talking about science. Its not really a long term strategy. It does show why its important to step outside the echo chamber too.


People somehow don’t understand that the best way to convince someone of something is talk to them on a personal and friendly level and look at them with empathy, even though that’s how we ourselves best get convinced.


This only reinforces my view that most people’s true motivations behind believing ANYTHING has everything to do with trust and nothing to do with whatever “facts”, “science”, or “smarts” you claim to have.