Astronomers discover ‘extraordinary’ unknown radio signal from heart of Milky Way

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It’s just the Gorgolax Hiveentity. It’s been trying to reach us because our space insurance is about to expire.


Imo it’s kind of only a matter of time until we confirm extraterrestrial life forms. And i always wonder, what would religious people do should we ever discover other intelligent life out there(mainly wondering about the monotheistic ones). Imagine if they are smarter than us even though we’re apparently made in the image of the perfect being. I cant imagine that religion would just suddenly stop being a thing, so what would it do to cope?


Neat. We’ve had so many new types of these the last decade that if a genuine technosignature is ever detected even people who follow it won’t be excited until confirmation.


Most of the articles about this are making a point of saying “IT’S DEFINITELY NOT ALIENS” but none of them explain why that can’t be the case. Anyone know what it is that rules that out, exactly? Maybe too irregular/random or something?