Blue Horizon Launches with William Shatner aka Captain Kirk

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Shatner should be in a yellow jumpsuit, only two should be blue, and one poor bastard should be forced to wear a red one.


Shatner’s reaction made me tear up a bit. It was odd watching him trying to reflect on the most profound experience of his life while everyone around him was trying to party like college kids. But once it died down, it was nice to hear him talk so much about it. Being the guy he is, I expect an album, a book, and a tv show all inspired by this one event. Lol


The commentary on the livestream is so terrible. It’s like if a movie was doing a parody of a private companies space launch, but it’s real. It’s so over the top “All hail Bezos & Blue Origin & Amazon”. Paul Verhoeven would find it a little much. Also, stop calling them astronauts, commentators. They’re not astronauts. They’re space tourists. The FAA actually went out of its way to specify that they’re not astronauts when Bezos’ went on his first trip – an Astronaut has to be a member of the crew and actually *do something* on the mission. Not just pay/be given a free trip as a(n admittedly great) PR stunt.


Shatner is really not into that whole champagne celebration


That’s ALMOST cool enough to make me forget that Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin are delaying human progress by suing NASA for passing them up on a bidding process like a straight up piece of shit.