CNBC: Consumer prices rise more than expected as energy costs surge

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I probably won’t be getting a 5.4% raise, so I guess pay cut it is lol For real though, I just can’t understand how people are just ignoring this, let alone not getting pissed off at government and the like. When the price of a house is so damn high, what are us young people supposed to do? If wages don’t keep up with inflation as has been the trend, that’s going to be a disaster


At what point will people here accept that inflation is here? I keep seeing references as to how this is just “transitory”, but it’s been “transitory” for months now.


I find it interesting that food and fuel prices are often ignored or downplay due to their volatile nature. When would economist view these price measures as important consideration for discussion on core inflation?


> However, excluding volatile food and energy prices, the CPI increased 0.2% on the month and 4% year over year, against respective estimates for 0.3% and 4%. Excluding those pesky things you need to buy to live inflation is only really high and not terribly high. If something is unavailable did its price really go up?


🇺🇸 CPI Inflation Rate YoY (SEP) Actual: 5.4% Expected: 5.3% Previous: 5.3% ————————— 🇺🇸 CPI Inflation Rate MoM (SEP) Actual: 0.4% Expected: 0.3% Previous: 0.3% ————————— 🇺🇸 Core CPI Inflation Rate YoY (SEP) Actual: 4% Expected: 4% Previous: 4% ————————— 🇺🇸 Core CPI Inflation Rate MoM (SEP) Actual: 0.2% Expected: 0.2% Previous: 0.1%