Colorado tied for state with fewest shark attacks, Gov. Jared Polis boasts

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First thought how does New Mexico have a shark attack, it’s a desert? So in March 12 2005, there was a provoked shark attack in Albuquerque, NM. A man was “diving in aquarium display tank” when a sandshark (how fitting for New Mexico) collided with him and then bit/punctured his arm. Second thought, it looks like New Hampshure with its 12 miles of coast is the only coast state without an attack. Edit: I’d like to apologize to all New Hampshirites for the typo (U is next to I, as a fan of the LOTR I know my ‘shires’ you are definitly one of them). I’d also like to apologize for shorting you on your already short coastline. It’s 18.57 miles of coastline, not 12.


“With the lowest obesity rate in the country, Coloradans are known for being healthy and lean and sharks know they won’t get much of a meal here. Coloradans and others from across the world love exploring our mountains, rivers, lakes and plains while safely avoiding the swarms of dangerous sharks in other, less attractive destinations like Texas, California and Florida.” Can’t argue with that logic!


I always use shark attacks as a way to not go out and have to do things. “Did you know that a whopping *100%* of shark attacks happen outside of my apartment?” I live in the Canadian prairies, btw.


“Boasts” is a bit much. “Jokes” would be more accurate.


Tied for 25th with half the other states?