Current climate policies will lead to a 3°C temperature rise by 2100, new study warns.

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This submission has a heavily editorialized title which is very different from the paper’s actual title: > “Wave of net zero emission targets opens window to meeting the Paris Agreement” Consider the first sentence of the paper: > “National net zero emission targets could, if fully implemented, reduce best estimates of projected global average temperature increase to **2.0–2.4 °C by 2100**, bringing the Paris Agreement temperature goal within reach.” In fact, the title of this submission is actively misleading, as it discusses work that is not done in this paper (references 1-5 looked at the effect of current policies) and ignores the actual work of this paper (analyzing the effect of net zero targets).


I hope my house gets blown away instead of submerged or straight up obliterated.


3 degrees is a lot over 300 years, but it seems very unlikely that climate policy will remain the same.


3° Doesn’t seem like a lot.