Daughter “look at that crow up on the “T” on that building!”. The “T” was a cross and the building was a church. Made me feel good.

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“It’s a cross” “Across the street?”


We have had the same situation happen with our kids! I also grew up in the church and I’m glad my kids associate a religious symbol with something general like a letter in the alphabet. Kids not having a religious influence makes you realize they don’t need one. And they are truly becoming themselves, their own person! Not what religion has pushed them to be. I am curious to know though, as a past minister how did you get to this point?


Across from what? (If you’re not an Arrested Development fan, you owe it to yourself to give a shot)


My grandson was 6-7 at the time I was living in Galveston which has some enormous old mansions and churches built of stone and rather ornate, some with towers even. We were in the car and I said I was about to turn right up there at that church. He said, “Church, what’s a church?” I told him it’s a place where you go sit down with others and sing some songs and then the church boss shouts at you telling you you’re no good and then you give him money. He said, “Oh, I thought they were castles.”


I detest religion as much as a former Catholic can, but the cross is an important cultural artifact in human culture. You want your kids to understand the arts, architecture and cultural references that are associated with this symbol. It’s like: nobody believes in Zeus any more but we should know who he was.