Deaths Linked to ‘Hormone Disruptor’ Chemical Costs Billions in Lost U.S. Productivity. Study Shows That Daily Exposure to Chemicals Used in the Manufacture of Plastic Food Containers & Cosmetics May Lead to Roughly 100,000 Premature Deaths Among Older Americans Each Year

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We look back in horror on things like arsenic in face cream, or lead in paint and gasoline. But one day, future humans will look back in horror at the fact that we used plastic to store food and beverages. Future archeologists will refer to this time period as “the plasticine age,” because they will find microplastic bits in every dirt layer of this time period all around the world.


It’s off-putting that the headline has to focus on work productivity rather than the very relatable human toll. Everyone knows someone with heart disease. It says a lot about what matters to those who can actually effect change.


Can we get past using plastic as packaging for absolutely everything? Personally, I’m partial to glass, but steel and aluminum cans are good also. Oh, and paper. It really wasn’t that long ago that almost nothing was packaged in plastic. I remember when mustard started coming in plastic squeeze bottles instead of glass jars. That was the 1970’s. We can undo these things.


I don’t see them controlling for socioeconomic status. Plastic containers are cheaper than glass containers. Lower SES is associated with higher instances of cardiovascular disease. Did they account for this and I missed it?


sooo should I not take this Gatorade bottle making factory job I was offered? they use PET plastic, is that the same?