‘Don’t drink the water’: Iqaluit Nunavut Canada’s drinking water supply possibly tainted with petroleum hydrocarbons

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For everybody freaking out, I actually live in Iqaluit. Luckily, theres a fresh water stream that has been used as a drinking source for years. The city has already filled up trucks and are distributing the water to residents. Just need to boil it since obviously the water won’t have been treated.


>The announcement comes days after the city received complaints about a fuel-like odour coming from resident’s taps. > >”Active investigation of the city’s drinking water system and additional testing of the drinking water are ongoing,” read the advisory. “The Department of Health anticipates receiving additional test results from out of territory environmental laboratories in about five business days.” > >During an emergency city council meeting Tuesday, councillors said a do not drink water notice must be used when a risk is identified and associated with water consumption that cannot be adequately address by boiling the water or issuing a water quality advisory. > >“This can include, for example, a chemical spill near water intake or where a water system may have been subject to vandalism or an event that resolution through additional disinfection protocols happened,” Amy Elgersma, chief administrative officer said during the council meeting. > >“In this case, we suspect that there is some type of petroleum product that has entered the water system.” Despite many of the comments in this thread, this is not related to fracking. Read the articles people, the headlines will betray you.


I have family that live up in Iqualuit. It’s already super difficult and expensive to buy stuff or get an alternative to what you have when in such an isolated location (Iqualuit is supplied by either air or sea freight). It’s also a location where a lot of the population has a bit of distrust in the government (understandably so, Canadian history is just starting to come to terms with the atrocities committed against indigenous peoples by the Canadian government). I wonder how much this will cost the government to supply residents with bottled water for the time being and how much this will further fuel distrust.


“Don’t drink the water, they’ve put something in it. I don’t even remember how I got here” -City 17 citizen, Half-Life 2.


People in this thread claiming fracking should check where Iqualit is on a map. Not defending fracking but let’s take a minute and see what comes of the investigation