Four Things that Broke Global Supply Chain (2021) [00:09:43]

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Don’t buy the normal load of NEW CHINESE PLASTIC STUFF for Christmas this year. Give experiences. Handcraft something useful with photos that will be meaningful. Teach a skill, or offer to do something like paint a room or do home repairs. Find things at thrift shops and refinish them. If someone is having trouble paying bills, pay a bill for him or her. If they’re well enough off that this isn’t a problem, there is probably a charity. Make a donation in the person’s name. Get a bidet, and the toilet paper shortage won’t bother you very much at all. You will quickly realize that toilet paper never really got anybody clean enough. I looked at news about some of the toys that are going to be in “short supply” this Christmas and honestly they’re CRAP. Today’s Tonka toys are plastic and will break. Find one from the ’80s or earlier, and make it look new! There are some really ugly dolls out there. This stuff will be broken in the bottom of the toybox by the end of January. Kids learn that stuff comes and goes and there’s no point in trying to take care of anything. Laura Ingalls Wilder once wrote with joy about getting a tin cup, a piece of candy AND A PENNY in her Christmas stocking. She was probably 4 or 5 and she remembered that all her life. We’re overfull today with physical possessions. It takes up our living space, oppresses us with the interest paid to buy it, and hardly anything lasts longer than the limited warranties. We have a chance this year to stop buying more than we and our kids need. Whether you are concerned about what all this plastic, all the carbon emissions do to our planet, or not, you can probably see how too much stuff weighs us down. And maybe the people who make the stuff will start making it better. Large appliances once lasted decades. Funny how cars got better while almost everything else has lost quality and durability! We know it can be done better than it is being done. Be nice to me. I’m kind of breaking today and it’s probably stupid to offer my opinion to anybody since I’m sensitive. But really, bidets! They’re wonderful and under $40. Even if they’re made in China, they WILL save you money and make you more comfortable than you ever dreamed you could be.


In short , summary : 1 pandemic 2 psychology 3 logistical bottleneck 4 energy ( coal especially )


Damn. I feel like we are about ten years away from a massive shift in just about everything. People no longer wanting to do shitty jobs. Global warming. Baby boomers dying off. The world will either be a totalitarian nightmare or a laid back peaceful place.


One thing that he didn’t mention though is the global leaning of…well, everything. Everything went to Just-in-time mentality. There is no wiggle room and that requires a perpetual steady state to work properly. The minute you get a shock to that, you’re on the back foot for basically…well, for how long takes to clear the backup. But that’s the thing…you’re gonna have to create more infrastructure to clear the backup so you can get back to the previous steady state but nobody wants to put the capital outlays in play for that because once things go back to the original steady state, you’re left with all this excess capacity that is then a drag on your balance sheet. Quite the pickle.


Damn, why didn’t my European-American parents warn me that I’ve been suffering from tangping my whole life? In all seriousness, an incredibly insightful video. Cheers to an expensive Christmas!