Girls of reddit, what are everyday things men do that turn you off?

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When you’re having a normal conversation and he turns it sexual, with no prompting or leading. We were literally talking about work and next minute he turns it into naked massages. Yeah nah thanks.


Turning everything in to a competition. There’s a certain subset of guys who think they can impress you by being “the best” at something. Not just good, but specifically, “the best.” This in turn leads to them gate keeping and putting you and others down in order to prove their superiority, and this kind of behavior is just annoying.


Bragging or showing off to their friends. Being rude to strangers.


Doesn’t take you seriously/ doesn’t care about what you have to say. That or expecting me to worship the ground they walk on Edit: thanks for the awards and upvotes! Glad I’m not alone on this one 😅


Being unclean. Amazing how fast I can lose a lady boner when I see a Bathtub that has never been cleaned and a carpet so black I’m afraid to walk on it. Also its amazing how many men have awful breath?? Like I’m attracted and then I go in for a kiss and I’m hit with awful death breath a d suddenly I just wanna go home. Carry some mints around (applies to all genders)