Himalayan fungus compound refined to offer 40 times the anti-cancer potency. A new kind of chemotherapy derived from a molecule found in a Himalayan fungus has been revealed as a potent anti-cancer agent, and may in the future provide a new treatment option for patients with cancer.

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And unfortunately that was the last anyone ever heard of it, just like every other miracle.


Climate change has affected this particular fungus quite a bit. Caterpillars burrow down and this cordyceps pops out of the hole. I’m going to start growing them soon to research cultivation methods. So far cultivated ones aren’t as potent but that can probably be fixed.


The Chinese have been eating this type of fungi for health benefits since thousands of years ago. The price has been jacked up a lot in the recent years. It’s now selling at a price even higher than gold.


The fungus to end all fungus


One of two things will happen. This will be the last anyone will hear of it OR They make it but sell it for tens of thousands per treatment