I don’t think theists are stupid. I just think they are wrong.

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They may not be stupid, but they certainly lack critical thinking skills.


That’s nice. I can’t help but think they are just a little stupid. They can still be smart in other aspects of life. My parents are Christians. They are both very smart very progressive people with post graduate degrees. But when it comes to God, they just aren’t very smart about it. The critical thinking skills they use in every other aspect of their life suddenly become dull.


Not all theists are stupid, and not all stupid people are theists. But if we could get a Venn diagram…


Some of them are really stupid.


Let’s say you met someone who said, “I believe in Unicorns. Unicorns surround us all the time and grant our prayers, and if you believe in Unicorns then you get to go to magical Unicorn land once you die, but if you don’t believe in Unicorns then your cast into fire. Oh, and that pony over there is the son of the mightiest unicorn who loves us all! Don’t believe me? Here’s a book that says it’s all true so there’s no disputing this.” Now would you trust that person to babysit your child or run the government?