I feel especially hopeless that religion is blocking people from covid vaccination while continuing to offer the lie of an afterlife as solace for the dead.

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I’d add that it’s the combination of politics, religion, and group identify that’s getting people all mixed up and digging in their heels. /r/hermancainaward pretty much confirms this on a daily basis. I know plenty of religious people that are happy to get the COVID vaccine, but they tend to be way less political.


But, on the bright side, a number of people have gotten rich selling horse de-wormers and shit like that. So it’s not all bad.


The thing is, when people with “deeply held religious beliefs” are actually looking at the end of their lives, they are not excited and happy, rather they are scared as fuck. ​ It’s almost as if they KNOW that their beliefs are total bullshit, and they, deep down, don’t really believe what they claim to believe


I fought with both parents this morning on the subject, i’m close to hating them and i live with them. Fuck they suck. I hope i can leave them one day and keep limited contact.


At the end of the day we are all adults that make choices. If you lean towards poor choices then the likelihood of you being eliminated from the herd by an avoidable cause is greater. My point is if it wasn’t covid it would just be whatever foolish choice came after that. You can’t make a person follow reason and sense. You can only show them it exists. And even that you must do with caution. As an unreasonable person will respond to this news unreasonably.