Inheritance Pays Enough – What to do for Work?

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Congratulations, you’re retired/financially independent. You don’t have to work and whatever you do end up doing is up to you. I would advise never take on a soul sucking or overly stressful job. That’s for people who need money, you’re no longer in that category. Do what you feel strongly about and what you enjoy. Depending on how long term serious you are with this bf is going to depend on how transparent you want to be with him about this. Don’t put any of this money in his name or in joint accounts no matter what though. I wouldn’t even do it if y’all get married(although maybe at that point you could deposit some of the payouts in a joint account as they come to manage bills and joint expenses.) If you guys are still a new couple id keep this on the dl for now. Find a job you actually enjoy doing no matter the pay and just pay your share of the rent. He doesn’t need to know where the money is coming from yet. If y’all are more serious/are nearing marriage then id tell him the jist of it but avoid saying dollar ammounts/yields for now. Id just keep it to “its enough to cover my expenses so i dont really *need* a job so im just going to do what i want to do with my life” and leave it at that. You can then tell him more when you get married. A few things though. 1. When you do get married(whoever it is to) sign a prenup. You dont want to fork over half of this in the event you ever get divorced. 2. As soon as you can organize a trust for these investments. This protects your money from getting siphoned away easily from blood sucking relatives or your bf should things turn sour.


Get a copy of the trust, read it carefully, and really understand it. If it is an irrevocable trust with you as beneficiary (which is what it sound like), the most important things to understand are who is the trustee and what are the provisions regarding distributions. Also ask for an accounting of the funds. See if there are provisions for you becoming trustee, and under what conditions. Be proactive and introduce yourself to the trustee if it is being handled by an institutional trustee. It is very common for trusts to have provisions for the trustee to disburse payments for HEMS, health, education, maintenance, and support. You say you were considering changing careers. Now is the time to figure out what you would really like to do and use the trust funds to prepare you for that career.


If I was able to have 6 figures a year of passive income from a trust, I would continue my job for another 2 years, pay off my mortgage, then go work for a cause I really cared about. Maybe fundraising for St Jude. Or helping underserved communities in my city get into some of the high paying job sectors that they are normally excluded from. And I would spend all my free time running/hiking/cycling and playing with my kid. All this to say, I would not work just any job just to say “I have a job!”


Check out /r/fire, /r/financialindependence, etc. Accept it may take some time to wrap your head around not needing to work anymore. You didn’t state what country but assuming USA – we have an unhealthy tie between our employment and self-worth. Another challenge you are finding is that not everyone can appreciate or understand not working till you die and may think of you as “lazy” or “not doing your part”. But congrats, you have an opportunity to do what you actually want to do with your time! Hope you can find what makes you happy (even if it is retuning to work – no shame in that).