Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike? | Robert Reich

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My union is days away from it’s first general strike in decades. A friend asked, ‘why are they going on strike now’? I think the timing is better than it’s ever been. The companies had the power for the last 20 years and hacked away at us every time a contract came up. Now we are prepared to strike to get it all back. The union took an official vote on how many members would strike if they call one. The vote was ~98/2 in favor. People have had enough.


Someone was complaining to me the tired “no one wants to work” and I asked besides low paying service jobs that deal with idiot customers… what businesses are saying this? Then I got the “I didn’t think about that”.


A lot of jobs cost more than they pay. If you add the commute, unpredictable schedule, and childcare difficulties, they pay doesn’t cover the expenses.


The years-long systematic dismantling of collective bargaining rights has forced it to take a new, more modern, disruption approach.


All I’ve heard is that the increased unemployment benefits and not paying rent has made people not want to work. Everybody’s just lying around apparently, not doing anything. No, labor realizes now how fucked over they’ve been the last 40 years and have the ball in their court finally. Almost five million people quit their jobs in August. Labor is tired of being treated like shit: from nurses, to teachers to truck drivers to the guy making your skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks. All power to the workers!