JPMorgan exceeds profit expectations on $1.5 billion boost from better-than-expected loan losses

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Earnings exceed expectations but stock is down 2.7% today 🤪


JPM is the blue chip of banking blue chips. Always has their shit together, didn’t take a bailout in 08 because they didn’t need to, have a balance sheet that resembles a fortress, and has an unmatched reputation. I highly recommend picking some up whenever you can at a discount. It’s one of those solid stocks that won’t let you down over the long term.


Would anyone recommend investing in JPM at this time? How is the outlook on banking?


Every bank on the world would have a rise in eps because of the release of loan loss reserves which were very high at the beginning of the pandemic. In my country banks are showing eps gains of more than 200% as the cost of risk went from 2-3% to 0,7%


feels like banks have peaked for now