LPT: if you live in a wealthy area that celebrates Halloween, buy food that can be handed out. Some people who are struggling to feed their kids take them to wealthy neighborhoods to trick or treat.

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We have carloads of kids from other neighborhoods dropped off in ours. One guy cooks hot dogs one family hands out hot coco to everyone, we go through an unreasonable amount of candy. I feel glad to do it just like your mom. Don’t listen to the haters, be the one who makes the world better.


I always loved the houses that gave out bottles of juice or water or bags of chips or pretzels. I appreciated something salty or to drink after so much candy. I come from a low income neighborhood, but my mom was adamant about sending me to catholic school in a “good neighborhood.” Since I made friends in school, I would be invited to trick or treat in their neighborhoods. These were full-size candy bars, cans of soda and full-size bags of chips neighborhoods. I never thought about it because I was 11. I knew I was poor but like it didn’t quite mean anything in my head; I was an oblivious kid. Until one day I asked if I could bring my neighborhood friends trick or treating, and they were absolutely fascinated by the stuff they got at my catholic school friend’s neighborhood.


It’s Reddit: no good deed goes unpunished.


I hand out Costco rotisserie chickens