LPT: It is much easier to stay in shape than to get back in shape.

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This is actually a good tip and doesn’t deserve all the criticism it gets. Many people live their lives as in shape when they are young and progressively get more and more out of shape as they age. If you’re young and in shape it’s much easier to stay in shape then to not care and try and get in shape many years later


Something I read on Reddit a while back that’s stuck with me: It’s easier to say no to 200 calories than to burn it off. I’m still fat but it was thought provoking


After losing 60 pounds and maintaining for three years pre-pandemic, I agree. Due to the pandemic and not working out at a gym (because reasons; a physical place is my thing, but we’re in a craptastic county), I’m at -45.


Yup, I quit my fairly successful gym routine a few years ago to focus more on my career, and to give my back a rest. (As my focus was generally on disc busting power-lifts) I wouldn’t change stopping the gym, as it worked out well for me. But damn, I got fat. Lockdown definitely didn’t help either. And it turns out, 5+ years of sedentary life style is enough to undo 10 years of gains. Feels bad. I’m doing my best to get back, but literally every day is a challenge of willpower that often times I don’t succeed at. I know what I must do. I know I must run a calorie deficit, I know how to do TDEE calculations, and how to weigh and prepare food, and I know I need to go on walks or runs. I know the food I’m eating is not good for me. And yet, here I am. Work is demanding, and I’m getting too old to motivate myself to burn the candle at both ends to stay on top at work, and also get into good physical fitness again. Right now I’m good just maintaining my generally poor physique. I don’t have enough energy to improve it, and I’m comfortable controlling myself so I don’t make it worse. That’ll have to do for now.