LPT: It’s totally OK to enjoy life and do things alone and by yourself!

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Just reinforcing this point. It’s a good lifeprotip. I do many of these. Sure, for some I don’t see the point in dong without people, but that’s my personal preference – but it doesn’t mean I don’t or won’t, just means I prefer company, not that it’s off limits. I have found going to the cinema alone is *not* a big deal. I mean, you’re sitting in a dark room, staring at screen, unable to talk to each other or see each other for a couple of hours. It’s not exactly a social event.


I travel by myself and have actually come to almost prefer it. I can go where I want, do what I want, see what I want, eat what I want, etc etc. I got so tired of going with other people and having to compromise on what to do and not enjoying myself. I went on a 9 day trip to Washington DC to see the museums, monuments, and Arlington and I was in heaven. No one got bored and wanted to do something else. I got to see everything I wanted. Been to Universal Studios FL and Disney World both by myself. Loved it. Going on an Alaskan Cruise solo next August. Can’t wait. Don’t get me wrong, I like going on trips with people too but if I waited until I had a trip buddy for some of the places I want to go/see/do, I’d never get to go anywhere.


I love going to museums alone! I can view each exhibit for exactly the amount of time that I want to and if you are interested in conversation people often strike up fantastic ones when they see a single person. Some of the best conversations I’ve had about art are from when I went to the museum alone


I tell myself this all the time, I wish I had what it takes to actually do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I can barely go to Chili’s and get food and sit at the bar. Also, I don’t thinknit would look ok for me to go to the park alone, creeper vibes on that one.