LPT: (US) When you quit your job, time your two weeks notice so that you work at least one day of the following month

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Former HR, here: this only works at some places of employment. Some employers continue to provide coverage through the end of the month, others (like every employer I’ve ever worked at) cancel your coverage effective the date of termination. Don’t bank on the LPT being true until you check your employee handbook.


US problems require US solutions!


Goddamn America! Let’s figure out how to work the shitty ass system instead of fixing it. Edit: I do not want to detract. In our current system this is a good LPT. It’s just sad we need it.


Doesn’t depend on State or location. Depends on Employer. Read your HR manual. Some employers let you have insurance through the end of the month, and some employers end it on your last day. And some will split the difference. End health ins on your last day, but let dental and vision go to the end of the month.