LPT: When you’re procrastinating tell yourself to just try the task at hand yet give yourself the option to quit if the task is truly a pain. I’m a procrastinator but have found a lot of the tasks I’ve put off were easy and wish I had just don’t them sooner.

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One that works for me is the 1 min rule. If you can complete the job in under one minute then always do it immediately, don’t give yourself an out or excuse. It’s amazing how much it cut down on little crap piling up. I also do the 3 min rule. If the task will take you a little while or is extra loathed, then do it for 3 minutes and you can quit at that point. Usually once I hit the 3 min mark I’m already into it so I just finish it anyway. Even if I don’t then I put a dent into it and I come back to it a few times and usually it’s done. If I at least put a little forward progress into it then it can’t pile up on me.


I really need to fix it, now that i am sick i do even less, fml


I like it set silly limits on the thing I’m avoiding. Like “ok, I’m gunna start my dishes, but only until my mac and cheese is done! Then I get to stop!!” But 9 times out of 10 I get started and it’s not a big deal, or I nearly finish in the time limit and figure it’s not very cash money to just stop before doing the last 3 dishes.


I also don’t them chores