MAGA Cultist Who Lied About His Military Service Announces Run for Congress

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Sure why not, already have wheeled Nazis


How the hell does one be a pastor and lie so much about his education. How the fuck does a Christian support a piece of shot that cheats and lie constantly. Does the Bible mean nothing? What a prince of shit.


You’re going to have to be more specific


This guy is obviously a massive scumbag but to be clear, he didn’t lie about his military service. He was in the National Guard. To the layman, there’s not really a difference between the National Guard and Reserves. One is federal, one is state but other than that they’re basically the same. Not sure if I’ve ever heard a National Guardsman say they’re a Reservist but I’ve definitely heard many Reservists just say yes when someone says “oh you mean National Guard?”


Another lying faking dishonest evangelical republican. No surprises here. he is just a standard evangelical repug who believes all his lies will make him acceptable to racist republicans who will always see him as a dancing monkey.