Major hospital systems in Ohio requiring Covid vaccinations for organ transplants

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Why do these stories keep popping up? Transplant recipients have to get fully vaccinated against everything because they get put on immunosuppressants for the rest of there lives. They always have. This is not news.


There’s already a laundry list of requirements to even get on the list, let alone get the actual transplant. People acting like this is outrageous clearly don’t know shit about the actual process.


As they should. 15 Americans die a day because of lack of organs. Can’t waste them. Go read all the other requirements to get an organ.


This is super reasonable. Organ transplants should go to people who take care of their health – getting a COVID vaccine drastically lowers your risk of catastrophic illness due to COVID. This is a no-brainer.


I would think anyone on a waiting list for transplants to put a new organ in their body is going jump throught any hoops set on fire to get it done.