Marine who criticized military over Afghan withdrawal to plead guilty at court martial, lawyer says

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So in other words, he’s fucked right?


He did a bit more than simply criticize the military. Simply saying that downplays the fuck out of several things he said. He basically said January 6th should have been a coup if some in the military would have been involved.


He will become a multi millionaire due to people donating to his go fund me. Always have an exit plan.


He doesn’t just criticize the Afghan withdrawal. If you watch his subsequent videos he gets more and more out of whack. At one point he calls for people to join him to bring the whole fucking system down and suggests General Mattis, a living legend in the USMC is gay without any evidence other than not being married.


He made his bed, now he must sleep in it. While on active duty you just don’t do stupid shit like this.