Miscarriages are a big problem for people who believe in souls.

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Up until very recently, the religious position was that the baby doesn’t have a soul until it takes its first breath.


Science is a big problem for people who believe in souls.


If you ever want to irritate someone, ask them specific details about souls. So, when are souls created? Is it right when the sperm attaches to the egg? Do sperm have souls? What if I inject a sperm into an egg, does that still count? Is it just proximity, or is there some special reaction that occurs to create the soul? How are souls created? Do animals have souls? That’s gotta be a lot of ant souls, there’s a shitload of them. What about viruses, do those count too? So souls are invisible, and massless, and undetectable, but they hold all of our thoughts and memories right? So there’s gotta be more information stored in the soul of an adult than a baby, right? Think about if we could utilize souls for data storage! Infinite data stored in an infinitesimally small space, and since more souls don’t take up more space, you could just keep cramming more info in there. Who can I ask about soul data storage? Would your priest know more about this? This is a trillion dollar industry just waiting to be utilized!!


Miscarriages are like blanching your green beans. You just cook the souls a little bit, and it keeps them nice and crunchy.


The folks screeching that abortion is mur-didley-urder because Jebus yeets a soul into a fertilized egg SHOULD be freaking the fuck out at the fact that so many conceptions naturally do not result in birth. ​ The fact that they do not, coupled with the fact that evangelical Christians get abortions at pretty much the same rate as everyone else tells us that they simply do not believe what they claim to believe. ​ We should not shy away from telling them as much