New FDA guidance aims to drastically cut salt in food supply

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Great! Let’s do sugar next.


This is primarily aimed at processed foods. The reason we have so much salt (and sugar) in the food supply chain is because after the extreme processing some foodstuffs go through (canned foods, processed meat products, frozen foods, etc.) they can taste very bland. The extra salt/sugar at the very minimum makes the food taste acceptable again. One thing I learned a long time ago was that the cheaper the processed food item, the more salt or sugar is added to mask the terribleness of the food. Edit: A few PMs have asked why not just jazz up the taste with herbs/spices. Well, herbs & spices are expensive. Salt and sugar are dirt cheap. Never underestimate the race for the cheapest “acceptable” processed food thing.


I always thought high sodium is fine as long as you are healthy without high blood pressure. The Japanese and Mediterranean diet both have high sodium, but the people there are very healthy.


Weird that we reduce salt before sugar especially when small amounts of salt can bring out flavors and reduce other possible additives.


“The new recommendations are nonbinding, meaning companies aren’t required to make such reductions.” If it means their products will be less tasty/addictive, they’re not gonna do it.