New ‘Stop Facebook’ Campaign Demands Ban on Data Harvesting and Corporate Surveillance | “Facebook’s surveillance capitalist business model is fundamentally incompatible with basic human rights.”

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And the NSA says..( *redacted due to national security risk* )


Facebook is being made a scapegoat. The issue is not one company. The issue is the practices that facebook and many others are implementing. We need to look at this more broadly than “facebook”


*laughs in nextgen Oculus Quest with eyetracking and embedded advertising*


A few friends and I have been building a new general social network. It’s early but it’s actually growing quite a bit. There’s a myriad of issues I’ve become much more familiar with now than in the past, but this article touches on something I’ve come to the conclusion of recently: Once a general social network takes outside money it can no longer ensure that it will operate in its users best interests and continue to increase profits. At some point, the network is going to have to be okay with the money it’s making and accept that profit growth will stagnate. Facebook isn’t okay with that and the end result is simply repulsive data mining and user manipulation. If they want to bump revenues they really don’t have a choice. To extract every penny of value out of every “1 more minute” you need to know every possible thing about the user you can to show them what you need to show them to turn them from viewers to clickers. If the government cracked down and Facebook could no longer mine data, a lot of people would lose a lot of their net worth from the tremendous drop in stock price, and not just the mis-guided ones who are a part of the problem. Regular people who have their savings tied up in these tech stocks. We know some of the mistakes we’ve made as a digital society, now we have to figure out how to create mechanisms to keep them from happening again.


Maybe people could just stop, you know, using the service. I did 6 years ago and I’ve been mildly inconvenienced once or twice.