Parents will sacrifice their entire life to ensure that you don’t grow up to be like them, but still be mad when you differ in ideology.

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They are sacrificing so that you don’t grow up in a crappy environment (like them) but fully expect you to grow into an adult copy of them.


As an adult I’ve left the religion of my childhood. My parents couldn’t be more upset about it. They literally think that I’m going to hell. Never mind I live by 95% of the Moral code I’ve always had. I’m certainly damned because I don’t kneel to sky-daddy anymore.


Some very weird generalizations are happening here…


No kidding. When I told my parents I was Republican they threw me out at 17.


I taught my kids critical thinking and love, then let them figure it out (questions encouraged). All they really need. Then whatever they do or believe, it will include reasoning and empathy.