Religion is largely to blame for Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Religious indoctrination includes teaching children that church officials are morally superior and directly connected to the divine.

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Religious indoctrination includes parents shoving their god(s) in their children’s throat. Period. If people were to just let their kids decide for themselves, religions would disappear in 2 or 3 generations…


Religion is to blame for shit that churches do? Who woulda thunk?!


Spreading the love of God all over Timmy’s back now let us join in prayer and enjoy this tax free money.


When I was a altar boy our priest got away with it because no one back then would believe a kid over a respected adult. He was quietly moved eventually. Only closure i ever got was from the Data dump I found his name in the files, he was accused at some point after he left our church.


I was told that the priest was God’s representative on earth, so he was acting as a demi-god and that whatever he did or said was from God, and therefore good. I am sure that if I had ever been alone with a priest and he told me to take off my clothes I would have done it.