Rep. Jim Jordan’s Anti-Vax Tweet Gets Turned Into A Scathing Reminder Of His Past

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Republican politicians like Jordan are just trying to come up with the most idiotic tweets because they are trying to communicate with the idiots.


> “Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates.” -Rep. Jim Jordan > “Ohio should mandate sexual assault reporting for coaches.” -Rep. Eric Swalwell Alright boys, pack it up, we got him.


Gym Jordan: Anti life-saving vaccine, but a massive, massive, *massive* fan of rape.


Gym Jordan is an evil man, coach and politician period, he is no leader but a follower who plays to Trump and the Cult, and that’s where he sees his power coming from. Pathetic weak little man.


Gym Jordan, starring in “White guys afraid of the world around them and the other people in it.” Directed by Donnie “I’m white even though I look orange” Trump Co-starring: Matt ” I own a van with tinted windows” Gaetz, Tucker Carlson and Devin Nunes.. Dont missed the unmasked, unvaxxed opening.