Russia says Taiwan is part of China as two powers further align against U.S.

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Russia is just trying to legitimize their occupation of the Crimea.


From the article: > Only 14 countries today, along with the Vatican, have diplomatic relations with Taipei. It seems to be nothing more than Russia reaffirming its long-held position.


Oh man. Not to blow smoke up my bum but I actually predicted this in an not-peer-reviewed paper that my professor called *optmisitc*. This is the new special relationship, not the US-UK. Russia will call all of China’s historic regions “China” because Putin wants legitimacy in Ukraine and the Arctic in return. Except China’s claim is, frankly, ridiculous. It’s like saying Britain still owns half of France.


This from the state occupying part of Ukraine. I’m sure China will endorse that in return.


Thats rich coming from east Ukraine.