Same Day Voter Registration laws disproportionately increase turnout among young voters. This effect is especially pronounced in presidential elections. Reason why: Young people are disproportionately burdened by traditional voter registration laws because they frequently change addresses.

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Note that this isn’t just about college students moving away to school, which are like a third of young adults at most. Working young folk also move a lot as they establish themselves in rentals, in and out of family/friends’ spots, and in starter homes.


Here in Denmark, we are automatically registered to vote. A week or two before the election every citizen eligible to vote receives a voting card in the mail, which you bring to the polling place and they hand over the ballot. If you forget to bring the voting card, they will find you on their list, you just have to show some other form of id. Easy, simple and democratic.


Ironically, many states now have on line updates of voter information. That favors the young over the old. Example: it took me less than 5 minutes to change parties using my phone. A big issue is getting them registered in the first place. And then making it easy to update the info.


Then there is the issue that if you dont vote in every election you can be purged from the voter registration, and wont know until the day you show up. This happened to me since I am a sailor and didnt vote in a midterm, then went to vote during the next elecrion to find my name was not on the registration.


An average of 11,000 people turn 18 every day in America. That, alone, is enough to make same day registration a thing.