Scientists find that summer ice in the “Last Ice Area” of the Arctic will disappear by 2100 if we don’t halt global warming, making it difficult for polar bears survive — “If the year-round ice goes away, entire ice-dependent ecosystems will collapse, and something new will begin.”

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It’s time to stop talking as if anything we do will “halt” global warming, as if it’s a switch we can turn off someday. The reality is that what we do or don’t do now will save or not save things 50 to 200 years from now, and it will get worse before it starts getting better. And it will only start getting better if we get man made emissions down to near zero in a decade or less and do aggessive carbon capture starting now. It’s no longer stopping global warming, it is slowing it down enough to defer the catastrophic phase as long as possible. Hopefully future generations can get to a sustainable planet, be thankful we finally got the resolve to do something, and wonder what took us so long.


What’ll be really fun when the melting ice causes the planet to darken so hotter overall, but also causes the center of coldness in the northern hemisphere to sit on top of greenland which will additionally screw up weather patterns for the whole planet.


Oooo… “something new will begin” sounds hopeful!


That number feels generous.


the Cretaceous part 2: electric boogaloo