Should you eat fiber at every meal and is it okay to take fiber supplements during/after/in between a meal?

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I try to get a decent serving of fiber with each meal, usually through veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts or legumes. Supplementing with some extra psyllium husk powder is fine, just make sure to take it with A LOT of water. If you don’t drink enough water with it, it can actually cause a blockage in your intestines. My gastroenterologist suggested 30-40g of fiber for me but everyone has different fiber needs so do what works best for you and make sure to **gradually** increase your intake.


You should attempt to get a varitey of fiber in your diet. Fermentable vs non fermentable, dietary and functional, soluble vs unsoluble.


Eating veg first reduces the rate of absorption of fats and sugars in the meal. So the optimum thing to do is have your fibre ideally as veg at the start of your meal.


It takes people years to decline in health from an unhealthy diet, so you don’t need fiber 5 times a day. Generally in the course of a day you should eat a lot of whole foods or close to whole foods. I think the reason that “fiber” is healthy is that it is mainly a proxy for eating plants. I really doubt that fiber supplements (stripped of all the other plant nutrition) do much.


What healthy balanced meal doesn’t have adequate fiber in it? If you have to take supplements you should probably revisit your diet