Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be 5.9% in 2022

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How come we don’t raise/lower minimum wage AND Social Security every year based on inflation?


Since SS COLA increase was 1.3% last year. 5.9 is a big difference.


Meanwhile workers are still going to get 3%


Unless they fix the contribution cap, Social Security has just become another way to siphon money from the younger to the older generation. I’m 34 years old and have paid into the system since I was 17. Current estimate is that the system will be insolvent in 2033. I get to pay into a system for 29 years and I will never get to benefit on it. Unless they fix it SS has become an amoral theft of wealth from one generation to another.


“What are we gonna do about all this inflation and cost of living???” “Cap the profits of the ultra greedy and powerful?” “Nahhhhhh they earned it!”