Solar-Powered Desalination Device Will Turn Sea Water Into Fresh Water For 400,000 People

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Here’s the gotcha, on the last line: “Provided the byproduct brine is disposed of properly, no eco-damage should occur through the desalination process.” Spoiler alert, it won’t be. THAT SAID, this is still a great step forward for bringing potable water to regions without.


Hope this becomes reality. Skeptical but hopeful.


Can’t we just dump in all in some random volcano ? I’m sure that would melt it completely


some evil madman is making the opposite i will turn all the fresh water of the world into salt water! bahahahaha!


Reverse osmosis desalination + solar power =/ revolutionary product RO filters are expensive and are rapidly used up by sea water. The brine byproduct can be returned to the sea, but it will kill a wide area of the seabed if dispersed close to shore. Better to desalinate partially using the sun and then finish up with RO.