“SpaceX has ‘tremendous’ lead over Blue Origin. It’s not head-to-head like the media would like to potray” -Michio Kaku

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Blue Origin isn’t even remotely close to Space X. Which made their lawsuit over the lunar lander ridiculous.


Afaik blue origin hasn’t doesn’t have a vehicle capable of orbit… They can certainly shoot up and fall back down.


SpaceX is 12 hours into their LeMans 24h race. BO hasn’t even built their car yet.


Blue Origin does not go to “space” in the same way SpaceX does. In fact, Blue Origin doesn’t go anywhere.


One sends supplies and real astronauts to the ISS and is developing the biggest and most powerful rocket ever which will take us back to the Moon and even Mars. The other goes to the upper atmosphere for a few minutes while wearing polyester suits and cowboy boots. Also, if anyone thinks BO is a legitimate company that’s going places, then I want to mention that they are also 2 fucking years older than SpaceX and have done nothing!