State Police trooper who cried foul over brutality incidents is notified he’ll be fired

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So a cop that tried to make the force better is fired…. Awesome /s


>Troopers initially reported that Greene died of injuries suffered in a car accident after a high-speed chase, but the long-suppressed body cam video captured Greene practically begging for his life as he was shocked with a stun gun, beaten and dragged while in handcuffs and shackles. Troopers initially conspired to cover up the murder of Greene until long-suppressed bodycam footage showed the brutal murder. – FTFY


Don’t fire the police accused of brutality, fire the guy who spoke out against it. Great fuckin idea Louisiana


“Police are leaving the force in droves” Yep. Speak up about corruption/violence, get run off the force. Or quit because you can’t make a difference.


The police will destroy anyone who exposes their bullshit, even their own.