Study Finds Correlation Between Lynchings and Confederate Monuments

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>The data are correlational. “We do not make any causal claims in the paper,” Right at the very first sentence, thankfully. But I have no doubt that digging further could find the root causes behind that result in both. There really isn’t any surprise in this result, after all.


Can anyone explain why Florida, of all places, seems to have had the most lynchings?


Does anybody know what time period the lynchings spanned over? Like were these the victims in the last 100 years or the whole span of our history?


>The researchers see the work as an important empirical step in connecting Confederate monuments to specific attitudes and intentions. When combined with data about the times and places monuments were erected, as well as data about the contents of dedication speeches, the team’s correlational findings become quite powerful, Trawalter said.


Lotsa salty “who cares” comments here. Easier to deflect than admit removing the monuments is a good idea.