Tesla co-founder says Apple could ‘absolutely’ build iPhones in the US

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Imagine someone from *Tesla* criticizing *Apple* about manufacturing costs.


> Could iPhones be made here? Like, just straight up, like you guys built cars here, people were like ‘that’s impossible,’ you did it. Like could iPhones and just like let’s say smartphones be manufactured here and what would they cost an extra hundred bucks or something?” Reading this gave me a stroke


LOL nice. The Semi-Conductor industry left the united states (mostly) and the skilled workforce won’t accept the pay they offer in China to assemble them. Also the environmental impact of having that assembly is more than anyone would want “in their back yard” The former commodore chip manufacturing plant has been sitting vacant for 25+ years 5 minutes from where I live on the superfund listing.


Yeah Apple likes the profit and cheaper labour… if they didnt they would have moved process to US sooner.


Think about all those little kids that would lose their jobs.