The consumer price index rose 5.4% year over year in September vs. 5.3% estimate

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In Germany the price of 500g noodles will go up from .49€ to .65€ Doesnt sound like much but thats a 30% increase in price… My savingsrate is in danger:(


We are headed for recession!


Somebody needs to translate how 3% rise in meat prices turns into 40+% at the market. It is not the only things far, far exceeding the single digit %.


The crash is coming. Make sure to prepare.


Since everybody is expecting a crash or recession whatever I don’t believe it will come… I do not know why, it’s just that usually when everybody knows something, that’s already priced in. The crash will come, it always come, but when everybody will be hyped and not really expecting it. That CPI number is almost exact analyst prevision, no surprise here. CPI was supposed to rise with a reopening econony and not because of last months politic, just because of 2020 covid low money velocity along with high money injections (ppp loans, stimulus, unemoyment, etc). Not a Trump, GOP, rep thing, just a thing that happened because of covid.